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While you’re here, you’ll feel at home with our soothing environment and complimentary Wi-Fi, which keeps you in touch with your everyday life. Our kid-focused play areas — stocked with toys, books and video games — are so popular that many children even ask to have their birthday parties at CloseNitFamily!

Treatment may be an authorized Health Saving Account (HSA, FSA) expense. We choose to bill in 15 minute increments rather than offering a flat rate because hourly pricing is the most fair way to bill the client.

Recommended Pre-Visit Prep (Your pre-prep will expedite the process)

  • Wash hair so it is free from gel, hairspray or other hair products.

  • Please brush or comb child’s hair before treatment to minimize tangles. This will allow more time to focus on our mission to remove any lice/nits.

  • While we will make sure that your child is comfortable, they will be seated for an extended period. If they have a favorite book, tablet or video game, please feel free to use it.

  • We encourage you to have all family members checked, this helps minimize the odds of re-infestation.


NO PROTOCOL AFTER TREATMENT.  We do not have you go home after your visit and continue to comb your family or wonder if your lice is gone.  We will see you for a follow up visit and do all the work for you as our guaranteed service.   We have been helping families for 10 years and have a 100% success rate.  As we work, we share our knowledge and educate you offering tips and shortcuts on caring for your entire home during a lice infestation.

Our mission is to get everyone back to work and on the school bus the next day!

Final Check

Typically between 3 - 7 days after initial treatment.  Fee ranges between $25 - $75.  Subject to change depending on severity of case and hair type.  

CloseNitFamily, LLC. is a professional non-toxic and all natural Lice Treatment and Education Center & In-Home Lice Removal Service.  Our Lice Treatment Centers are conveniently located in Norwell, MA and Plymouth, MA.  Our focus is on the South Shore of Boston and the Greater Boston area.  Our goal is to treat your family as we would our own family.  We use non-toxic, all natural products with manual lice/nit removal.


Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm:
$100 per hour per technician. Time divided into 15 minute increments.

After 5pm and weekends:
Usually can accommodate all hours, however, please call to discuss availability & pricing.

Head Check for Piece of Mind:

* Head Checks: $25-$45 (depending on length/texture*)


We use a nit comb and an all-natural solution to check so that we can give you a 100% reliable diagnosis. Quick, “dry-checks” can not reliably diagnose the presence of nits. Only a thorough comb-thru can be relied upon. If we find lice, we begin treatment immediately and the fee for the minutes used for the head check are rolled-into your total treatment time. You will NOT be double charged for the time it takes to do the check. The check is a light version of a full treatment so by checking you, we have begun treatment. If we do find anything, you’ve already paid for some of it to be treated!

*extra-long and/or very-curly hair may require special attention to check and may be quoted on a case-by-case basis.



We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex

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